The word for today is discipline!

This is an absolute truth: if I can not be disciplined life will definitely become heavy for me!

The central fact of this truth is that if I apply discipline, my life will become less heavy for me. If on the contrary I am not disciplined, life itself will become increasingly heavy and difficult for me.

Discipline requires doing what we need to do and not what we want to do!

Most people expect to feel good before embarking on what they know is right to do. The disciplined person does what is right and expects to reap the fruits of his decision to feel good.

Determination and discipline control our destiny feelings!

Today’s problems stem from the fact that we look at our rights and not our duties.

Our rights because they make us feel good while duties require personal investment, sacrifices, and, therefore, discipline.

At what level is your personal discipline today? How much time do you invest  in doing what is right doing even if it requires effort and sacrifice?

On a personal level,  what grade do you give to your discipline?

Athletes make discipline their driving force to win races that often do not lead to significant and lasting fruit for the common good.

How much more should we apply discipline in order to change our lives, our family, and our society?

A biblical principle says that those who wait upon the Lord will fly as high as eagles, gain strength and not be weary.

Waiting on the Lord means using discipline even if it requires sacrifices and does not show immediate results, knowing, however, that they will come at the right time!

Discipline is like the water that the camel accumulates before crossing the desert and bears fruit in the tests of resistance,  allowing us to cross the deserts of our lives!

Guy Sottile

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