The word for today is destiny!

Whether we like it or not every person has his own destiny.

Most people wait for it through circumstances and events in their lives.

Waiting for  it as a godsend, as a revelation that comes out from your horoscope is a waste of time.

In fact, by doing so, people accept their life  when, on the contrary,  they are called to lead their life.

Destiny encapsulates  the purpose to which every single person has been called.

Destiny allows our existence not to pass unnoticed but makes it significant  in history.

Fulfilling our destiny will influence the world around us.

Without a precise purpose, we are like a ship without a compass.

Here’s what I know:  your  tomorrow destiny will give you determination today!

Your destiny and purpose in your life give you direction for today’s decisions. 

Let’s lead our lives and let us not be led by it.

This is what makes humans unique!

Start deciding today  to choose according to your destiny and stop being a boat without a compass!

Guy Sottile

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