The word for today is credible!

It is deceived the person who believes he has found the perfect leader, the perfect friend or the perfect partner.

No one can claim the merit of being perfect, although two thousand years ago the world saw the perfection in Jesus and then killed him on the cross!

Since perfection is not human but divine, our research should focus on the credibility of the person and of his actions.

Being credible means to be spontaneous and transparent  demonstrating our character through means to grow  our actions and  our growth.

Being credible means to be authentic which means to be  consistent with the values we believe in .

Probably the human quality that comes closest to perfection is just being credible. Today more than ever the world is looking for credible people and leaders  to follow.

The most important test to verify our credibility lies in the personal question: Can I honestly say that I believe in myself and in what I show others to be?

In the chaos of the world full of synthetic stuff that looks real but it is not,  the authentic personality of a credible person is immediately evident to the general attention.

Credible is a good word but, more importantly, a fundamental quality of the leader.

Guy Sottile

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