The word for today is character! 
You may lose friends, you may lose your savings, you may also lose your life but do not lose your character! 
Like in a boxing match, life throws us down with punches that seem big rocks and the temptation is to stay on the mat, but who has character pulls himself up time after time! 
Who has character, that is, the affirmation of who we are and what we believe in, does not accept to stay on the mat but gets up to lead his life according to the canons of its creed. 
Who has character is trustworthy! 
Who has character acquires a confidence with a high speed. What does that mean? 
The one who has not character and, therefore, those who do not enjoy the confidence of others, have not speed. 
This is because the other people will have a problem to follow him doubting his real motives. The one who has character pulverizes the bureaucracy because his word is a guarantee for his actions always working for the common good! 
Think of the agreements that are made and how many pages you have to read and check for lack of trust! 
Think of the agreements with the insurance companies written in small and almost invisible letters that often go against our interests. Let’s think about the laws that are made but they often have a safety output in favor of the government and transform what appears in our favor something against us and our interests! 
Well who has character, over time, has the confidence that leads to the speed which leads to the fulfillment of his goal! 
Who has character does not run away from pain and obstacles. 
Pain and obstacles, in fact, are the incentives from which comes out the best for our lives! 
The coach who encourages his athletes, must have character and trust, and must manage his athletes to bring out the best out of them! 
Who has character does not see what we are but what we could be. Michelangelo did not see a piece of marble but the David that could come out of it. 
Shoring up the marble, in this case our life, will hurt and bring pain but, in the end, it brings out a masterpiece. 
What then can we hope? To be people of character who enjoy the trust of others! The trap is thinking that our character will somehow undermine our reputation. 
Well , reputation is what others think of us, and often this thought is wrong! 
Caharacter is what we truly are. 
Let’s bring out the David that is in us! 
Guy Sottile

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