The word for today is growth!

The first thought that we have to consider is that growing up is automatic. Wildflowers and trees grow, so do people and animals. It seems therefore that growth is something that happens with or without our help.

A closer look and a deeper reflection, however, reveals an unexpected surprise.

In order to grow, you have to have the right conditions.

If the trees and flowers are not planted in the right soil, and if it does not rain, they do not grow. If animals and people are not being fed and are abandoned, they do not grow and  begin a path that leads them to death!

Growing up is not automatic. Growing up does not happen spontaneously. Growing up is a deliberate process. I wonder how many of us have a growth plan for their lives and the lives of those  they are in charge of.

There was a time when I found myself unprepared to answer the question if I had a growth plan for my life. What takes us out of the anonymity is to have a clear growth project , first personally and then, of course, on a professional level!

What are our prospects? How to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones? What models we need to imitate? What friends and mentors should we look for ? Where to invest our time, our talents and our treasures?

Formulating answers to these questions growthwill help us develop a growth plan that INTENTIONALLY we must apply to our daily actions, to see a real and meaningful personal and professional growth!

Guy Sottile

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