How to become bigger!

The word for today is bigger!

We all have a natural aptitude to achieve a greater level in our lives.

Some want to be bigger in their  business and reach higher levels.

Others want to be bigger in their personal accomplishments.

The innate desire of every person is to stand out by showing to be bigger and therefore receive the security to be worth something because they can accomplish more than others.

So here you go on the hunt for new ways to improve your performance in order to get noticed for what you do.

The methods, however, are changing and with them changes also the effectiveness of our performance. Have you ever heard of the training courses to adjourn our performance?

Those who look to the greatness in these terms focus on external results and not on the inner preparation that, unlike the external results, does not depend on methods but on a daily commitment to invest in our personal growth.

Focusing on our personal preparation is way more important  of the product itself. Protecting our production capacity is more important than our  final product.

The one who grows inside, grows inevitably outside!

The tree produces good fruit only if it has good roots.

The secret of a steady growth is not in the results but in the roots.

How then shall we start?

Let us look for those things that are good in us, in our behavior, in our character, in our vision and purpose of life and let’s improve them constantly every day.

Even the few good things we did yesterday, let’s make them bigger today, in order to become big one day!

Do not despise the day of small beginnings and victories. If we do it constantly, these victories will  eventually make us BIG one day!

Guy Sottile

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